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Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Dogs rise above the other companion animals in their loyalty, friendship and devotion to humans. After all, dogs will return their owner’s love 100 percent if not more. The enthusiastic greeting that your dog provides you on your arrival home, the joy of chasing the tennis ball, the tail wagging when you clip the leash its collar and cuddling with you on the couch are all ways that a dog returns your affection.

You should always remember that dog ownership is a responsibility and not a privilege. The dogs depend on humans for shelter, food and medical care along with affection since they are social animals. Before you take a dog into your house, you should consider the level of commitment it requires to provide quality care to the animal. When you are a dog owner at present, you need to be ready to fulfill all of your pet-ownership obligations in the proper manner.

Dogs fully earn their reputation of being “man’s best friend” in a number of ways. If you are a dog owner currently, you understand how loyal and loving these animals are on top of adorable and even helpful at times. Just think about all the service dogs that offer assistance in various ways to people today to understand the last characteristic.

Dog ownership is not just about playing with your pet all the time. Dogs require proper nourishment, care and attention and also have behavioral problems or suffer with health issues on occasion. Luckily, you can learn from others who own dogs about how to care for these animals in the most beneficial manner.

Dog Fence

One significant hurdle to owning a dog is the cost of fencing. Unless you’ve purchased a house that already has a dog-proof fence around it, you’re looking at a significant investment to install one. Whether you pay someone to do it or are a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you’re probably looking at a few thousand dollars at least to enclose a modest-sized suburban yard. The cost of materials for a six foot tall chain-link fence for a 50 sq. ft. yard runs around two thousand dollars. Wood fencing, especially privacy fencing, is considerably more. In our opinion, chain-link fences are the least desirable and wood privacy fencing is the best choice.

A chain-link fence is fine if all you need it for is to keep your dog from roaming outside his yard. But you also need the fence to protect your dog from the unwanted attentions of passerby, human or otherwise, and to prevent him from becoming overly excited or stressed by visual stimuli such as passing cars, bikes, joggers, dogs, and mail carriers.